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#2243970 - 10/13/20 05:48 PM Private Banking - Board Policy
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We are in the process of preparing to offer private banking services. Our BSA policy is being updated to address PB in accordance with exam manual recommendations. Is a separate board policy needed for private banking?

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#2243971 - 10/13/20 06:12 PM Re: Private Banking - Board Policy MHuff
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I think it depends. If these are products and services already covered in other Policies then probably not. If they are new products and services then probably so.

Just my opinion.

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#2243972 - 10/13/20 06:13 PM Re: Private Banking - Board Policy MHuff
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There are other areas that will impacted by PB other than BSA. Operationally have you determined what new wires procedures will be required? Are there current policies or procedures that need to be revised to facilitate PB such as compensation?
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#2245703 - 11/19/20 06:21 PM Re: Private Banking - Board Policy MHuff
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We added "Private Client Banking" last year but ours is really more a handful of concierge type services (24/7 phone support, metal debit card, courier services, etc). We updated affected policies and procedures (BSA, wires, teller, courier, internal controls, HR, etc) but didn't adopt a separate policy.

"Private" services was immediately latched on to by auditors and regulators and became a whole separate category for testing so be sure to have your documentation and reporting ready to go. We've just started our FRB exam but I don't anticipate issues on that front. If it was more encompassing of the services outline in the FFIEC manual, we probably would have adopted a separate policy to help address the additional scrutiny.

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