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#2243997 - 10/13/20 09:37 PM Newbie
Rachel G. Offline
Joined: Oct 2020
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Hi All!

I am new here. I moved from the credit union space to a small community bank as a Compliance Officer. I purchased the Lexis Nexis Regulatory Compliance Guide for Bankers, as I am used to using guides from NAFCU and CUNA. Do you have any other recommendations?

In general, please share any tips and tricks you have for me. This seems to be quite the adjustment (1 week in). My predecessor has an excellent compliance program, but it's along the lines of a much larger institution. So I a working as quickly as possible to learn what is in place and to take it on!

Thanks in advance!


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#2244036 - 10/14/20 07:05 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
Adam Witmer Offline
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Welcome to BankersOnline, Rachel!

As far as tips, this is a great place to start. The forums are a great resource for both new questions and researching older threads.

Here are some things I would do if I was in your shoes:

1) Review prior exam reports to see what issues the regulators have identified previously and then look into how those issues were resolved - and if they weren't resolved yet, start here.
2) Review prior audit reports for compliance.
3) Familiarize your self with your regulator's compliance exam manual. The Fed, FDIC, and OCC all have different resources, but they all base their examinations off their own info, so that is often a good place to start.
4) Figure out when to expect your next compliance exam with your primary regulator. If your bank is state chartered, you may have a separate compliance exam, depending on the state.
5) Review your bank's compliance policies and risk assessments to get an idea of the institutions risk profile and risk appetite.

Beyond that, let us know how we can help, and best of luck getting your feet on the ground.
Adam Witmer, CRCM

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#2244043 - 10/14/20 08:01 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
Rachel G. Offline
Joined: Oct 2020
Posts: 54
Thank you Adam! Helpful tips. I'll get started there. I am reading (read) policies and I am going over the various assessments, audits, and exams as well. Cheers to new beginnings!


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#2244047 - 10/14/20 08:20 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
OldeTymeBanker Offline
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Hi Rachel,

I am not in compliance, but just wanted to say hello and welcome.

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#2244065 - 10/14/20 10:43 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
TMatt87 Offline
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Originally Posted by Rachel G.
Hi All!

I am new here. I moved from the credit union space to a small community bank as a Compliance Officer.


Welcome to the dark side of evil, tax-paying banks smile
All opinions are my own, not my employer's

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#2244310 - 10/20/20 03:04 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
ACBbank Online
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New York City
Welcome aboard.
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#2244523 - 10/23/20 02:23 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
RebekahL CRCM Online
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RebekahL CRCM
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Big Sky Country
Rachel, you've made the wisest move already -- getting involved here at BOL! I can genuinely say that BOL has taught me more than any compliance guide out there. Take it one step at a time -- you surely feel like you are drinking from a firehose right now -- and digest things bit by bit. Post questions and learn much! There is a depth of knowledge here that can't be beat. smile

Also, one of my favorite research tricks is to Google the keywords of your matter at hand, followed by "site:www.bankersonline.com" after the words in the search bar. That will turn Google's powerful search engine into finding hits just on this site.

Best of luck and welcome! You are in the right place. smile
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#2244597 - 10/26/20 04:29 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
Truffle Royale Offline

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RebekahL adds more than I do when I google. I'm a KISSer and somewhat lazy too. laugh Just enter your question followed by bankersonline and you'll get BOL answers.

And remember: in this business, there is no such thing as a dumb question. There are so many nuances and permutations buried under tons of legalese that all of us question something every.single.day.


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#2244607 - 10/26/20 05:32 PM Re: Newbie Rachel G.
burkemi Offline
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I'll disagree with Truffle (ever so slightly). There is indeed a dumb question - the question you leave unasked!

As others have said, this is a great resource. Use it often.
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