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#2245720 - 11/20/20 12:36 PM Frivolous option for a response?
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We have a SM who is sending us a request for SCRA relief literally every 2 weeks. (all pre-service debt so no SCRA) We've received closed to a dozen requests already. Enough is enough! Do we have an obligation to respond to these duplicative requests or can we just notify the SM that we are no longer going to consider their requests and then stop responding?

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#2245721 - 11/20/20 01:34 PM Re: Frivolous option for a response? frumpette
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Can you explain what you mean by this statement: (all pre-service debt so no SCRA)

I thought the SCRA only applied to pre-service debt?


(1) LIMITATION TO 6 PERCENT- An obligation or liability bearing interest at a rate in excess of 6 percent per year that is incurred by a servicemember, or the servicemember and the servicemember's spouse jointly, before the servicemember enters military service shall not bear interest at a rate in excess of 6 percent --
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#2245761 - 11/20/20 09:06 PM Re: Frivolous option for a response? frumpette
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There are some protections that are pre-service only, like the 6%, and there are others that do apply to service members regardless under the SCRA. We can't answer the question unless we know which protections you are referring to as the question itself points to a potential compliance problem.

At the heart of the question, no, there is nothing prohibiting a SM from making repeated requests, especially if they feel they are entitled to a protection that is not being provided. It's time to ensure you are compliant, and then send a copy of what you did 2 weeks ago, again.
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