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#2246985 - 12/29/20 03:21 PM Title company did quote fee correctly
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We have a loan secured by two properties, and one of the properties is in another county then the title company. The original quote appeared to be normal so it was not questioned. Now that the title company has realized that the other property is in different county they want to increase the search fee by $100. Would this be valid change circumstance?

I believe we will have to eat the increase over 10% because it was error. The address what given to the title company in order for them to make a good faith quote, but the county was overlooked that the other property was in.

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#2246986 - 12/29/20 04:10 PM Re: Title company did quote fee correctly Dodge
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It is not a changed circumstance and I would tell the title company to go pound sand if they gave you a quote on accurate information that they overlooked.
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