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#2246870 - 12/23/20 03:57 PM LMI Data for Community College?
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We have an employee who regularly guest lectures a fundamentals of finance course at a local community college. About 80% of the students at the college qualify for financial aid. Does qualifying for financial aid equal LMI individuals for college, similar to free/reduced lunch for K-12? If not, is there another way to determine LMI status?
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#2246871 - 12/23/20 04:01 PM Re: LMI Data for Community College? TMatt87
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The employee does this for free as a representative of the bank?
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#2246878 - 12/23/20 04:47 PM Re: LMI Data for Community College? TMatt87
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We use Pell Grant eligibility to qualify a local college for CRA consideration when we invested in some bonds several years ago. Our OCC exam team was pleased with that criteria.

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#2246882 - 12/23/20 05:15 PM Re: LMI Data for Community College? TMatt87
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In addition to Pell Grant eligibility, sometimes colleges will publish student income distribution data that can be used to help qualify this type of financial literacy education.
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#2246988 - 12/29/20 04:49 PM Re: LMI Data for Community College? TMatt87
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Posts: 762 This site will give you an institution's Pell Grant % - All Undergraduate Students. This can be found when you expand the "Financial Aid" portion of the webpage.

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