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#2248367 - 01/29/21 02:19 PM Disaggregated vs. GMI vs. Demographic Info
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Can anyone help me discern between these words? I hear many use these terms interchangeably so I want to be sure I'm using them correctly.

  • Disaggregated Information
  • Government Monitoring Information
  • Demographic Information

Is GMI typically used to refer to the pre-2018 HMDA expanded demographic information? Thank you - this has been driving me crazy!

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#2248374 - 01/29/21 02:51 PM Re: Disaggregated vs. GMI vs. Demographic Info NoJustNo
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I am not sure that there is actually a specific definition.

The first bullet point refers to the expanded demographic information. The latter two are just broad terms and I think you will find that people use them without specific definition.
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#2248392 - 01/29/21 05:46 PM Re: Disaggregated vs. GMI vs. Demographic Info NoJustNo
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I don't disagree with randy, but the old /current 1003 used "Information for Government Monitoring Purposes," which was used to collect information before the 2018 data collection without disaggregated options. Appendix B model collection form, the Demographic Information addendum, and the new 1003 use "Demographic Information" to collect the information based on the 2015 rule that allow borrowers to select disaggregated information.

I would say conventionally most people use GMI to refer to only the aggregate categories collected before the new HMDA rule, and DI to refer to the current HMDA requirements, which include the disaggregated information. The distinction is just for convenience I believe and not actually laid out anywhere.

Notably, HMDA specifically only allows the colelction of aggregate DI when collecting based on visual observation, so "disaggregated information" does have a specific meaning, and it is laid out in Appendix B.

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