We have 3 PPP loans from the same family (different business names) in which all three submitted draft Schedule Cs to us with the exact same figures on them, all the same income, expenses, and all with a net income of exactly $100K. We do not have any 1099 forms, invoices, bank statements, or book of records on any of these requests. Identical excel spreadsheets titled “Simplified 2019 vs 2020 Financial Report” were provided all with just the business name being different. Identical “paystubs” dated were provided for all 3 applicants, all exactly the same numbers, taxes, gross and net income utilized. The only differences were of course the payee and the check numbers were slightly changed. Everything was the same!

We feel the documents may be falsified smile

We requested all of their tax filings to verify the documents we received but they refuse stating SBA doesn't require it.

We do not want to put the loans through to SBA due to the concerns we have with the identical business documents. Can we deny based on them not providing our request to verify their docs? Do we need to provide an adverse action notice in this case?

Appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction, thank you.
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