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#2251112 - 03/24/21 03:50 PM CTR/ ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee
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Hello, I know with check fees they are included in the amount if they are paying cash for the check and the fee of the check. But I was wondering for ATM withdraws when their is a fee do we need to include that in the amount for the CTR as well.

My thoughts are no because no physical monetary transpired.

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#2251126 - 03/24/21 05:08 PM Re: CTR/ ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee Andrew Toole
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You would not include an ATM fee. You only report on actual, physical currency or coin that changed hands.

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#2251127 - 03/24/21 05:10 PM Re: CTR/ ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee Andrew Toole
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Agree, which means for some automated monitoring systems that cannot distinguish the fee amount from the withdrawal amount, you may need to make a manual adjustment to the ATM transaction amount to accurately file the CTR.
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#2251171 - 03/24/21 08:08 PM Re: CTR/ ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee Andrew Toole
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And then there is the ATM that dispenses down to the dollar. My bank has one that pumps out 50, 20, 5 and 1 dollar bills. If a visiting non-customer uses that ATM to withdraw $103, that's what they'll get. And the ATM operator may add a $2 fee. The card issuing bank may end up seeing a $105 withdrawal or a $100 withdrawal with a $5 fee.

If a CTR is involved because of other cash-out activity by that individual, whether the filing bank is accurate or off by a couple dollars one way or the other doesn't really matter in the long run.
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