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#2251508 - 03/30/21 07:09 PM Rate Spread for HMDA
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When compliance is auditing files for TRID and scrubbing HMDA data and, we have found a few files that the APR slightly off, but within Reg Z tolerance. Should we be reissuing CD's with the new APR and updating the HMDA rate spread? Our mortgage department is not wanting to go back and make these adjustments when they are within Reg Z tolerance.

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#2251533 - 03/31/21 11:45 AM Re: Rate Spread for HMDA ADN
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What is done is done. You cannot go back and adjust either the APR or finance charge post closing.
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#2251745 - 04/02/21 03:36 PM Re: Rate Spread for HMDA ADN
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What's needed is to determine why there are variances and how the issue can be corrected.

If it's a matter of rounding it would be insignificant in my eyes, but if it's some systemic error and is consistently off, ask why. At times it is a difference in computation formulas, each of which is acceptable but these should be consistent in the bank.
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