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#2254912 - 06/07/21 01:39 PM Credit Report for NMLS Renewals
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Is ordering and reviewing a credit report required when renewing NMLS? If so, can you please point me in the right direction? I thought it was required as the LO's had to maintain good credit. Thanks!

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Loan Originator Compensation Rule
#2254916 - 06/07/21 02:10 PM Re: Credit Report for NMLS Renewals It's not easy
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For State licensing I believe it is required, but I am not aware of it for registration renewal of a MLO at a financial institution.
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#2254917 - 06/07/21 02:17 PM Re: Credit Report for NMLS Renewals It's not easy
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Look at comment 3 to 1026.36(f)(3)(ii):

"3. Subsequent determinations. The loan originator organization must make the required determinations for an individual before the individual acts as a loan originator. Subsequent reviews and assessments are required only if the loan originator organization knows of reliable information indicating that the individual loan originator likely no longer meets the required standards in § 1026.36(f)(3). For example, if the loan originator organization has knowledge of criminal conduct of its individual loan originator through a newspaper article, a previously obtained criminal background report, or the NMLSR, the loan originator organization must determine whether any resulting conviction, or any other information, causes the individual to fail to meet the standards in § 1026.36(f)(3)(ii), regardless of when the loan originator was hired or previously screened."
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#2254920 - 06/07/21 02:52 PM Re: Credit Report for NMLS Renewals It's not easy
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Also take a look at comment 36(f)(3)(iii), which refers to a bank's "written procedures" for making the determinations. Your bank should have such procedures. They should probably include procedures concerning the circumstances that would trigger the need for a "subsequent review and assessment" of an MLO's financial responsibility, character and general fitness for the responsibilities and duties of an MLO.
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