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#22550 - 07/02/02 03:31 PM South CarolinaLaw
Brenda C Offline
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Brenda C
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Wilson, NC USA
Can someone tell me when a Notice That Waiver of Appraisal Rights Will Be Required form is required in South Carolina? I have not seen this form before and have recently started to see it. Is anyone familiar with it? It appears to be evidenced by SC statute 37-1-301(11), but we have not required it in the past.
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#22551 - 07/12/02 06:49 PM Re: South CarolinaLaw
JulieB Offline
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The Waiver of Appraisal Rights is not a required form by law. It may be beneficial to the bank in the event of foreclosure. It may not be exercised on consumer transactions. Our bank procedures require this form.

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