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#2255927 - 06/24/21 08:36 PM Address Changes - Notifications to Customers
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Currently, we only accept an address change or information change (phone number or email address) if the customer provides that to us in person, phones our call center (recorded line) or logs in to their online banking account. In the past, we also sent a letter to the old address or email address and then a letter to the new address or email address. Somehow that has broken along the way, and I've determined that these letters are no longer going out. Understanding that we have internal procedures to address, is there any regulatory requirement for this type of notification? Thinking along the lines of Red Flag....

Knowing that we have the ways we accept the new information pretty locked down, does anyone see any concern in not picking this practice back up again (sending notices to old and new)? Thank you for your thoughts!

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#2255937 - 06/25/21 01:11 PM Re: Address Changes - Notifications to Customers Community Banker
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We stopped sending notices to the old address because if there is a postal address change in place, that mail just gets forwarded to the new address, so it didn't make sense to continue the practice. We still require a signature to change an address or for notification through our on-line banking system.

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