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#2217633 - 07/15/19 03:29 PM Income and DTI
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We have a customer that we were going to do a loan for, income was verfied, however right towards the end, he lost his job.
Adverse Action Letter states 'unverifiable info'.

We are unsure how to report the income and DTI. Do we go ahead and report what we originally had as the income and DTI and with it being unverifiable info that would explain that we couldn't verify his income? Or do we need to have income state -0-?

Appreciate your help!

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#2217652 - 07/15/19 04:44 PM Re: Income and DTI Lizard60
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What income amount did you use in making the decision. It sounds to me like you used the customer's income as stated to you, but couldn't confirm the customer's employment. If that is the case I would report what was stated to you.

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#2217669 - 07/15/19 06:12 PM Re: Income and DTI Lizard60
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You said you were GOING TO do a loan. I assume you are denying the request now. Why? Because he lost his job. That makes his income $0 and you're relying on that deny the request. IF I have that right, I would report the income as $0 and DTI as $0. The $0 income is what led to your FINAL decision - the one you are reporting on the HMDA LAR.

If you reported the origianl income, but send an AAN saying the loss of the job led to the denial, I think your LAR entry has conflicting info.
David Dickinson

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#2217995 - 07/18/19 08:39 PM Re: Income and DTI Lizard60
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I agree, with David that it does depend on what you stated was the reason for denial. So go back to that and make your determination.

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#2218781 - 07/30/19 07:28 PM Re: Income and DTI Lizard60
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I have a related question. If we deny based on delinquent past or present credit obligations with others from the credit report, can we report income as $0?

(Income was not used to make the credit decision. The lender did not list the income on the application)

Or do I need to get the lender to include income on the application so that it is reported?

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#2218799 - 07/30/19 08:35 PM Re: Income and DTI Lizard60
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If you didn't rely on income, report NA.
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#2256683 - 07/14/21 04:56 PM Re: Income and DTI Lizard60
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We denied an application because of bad credit. No income was listed on the application. I assume this gets reported as NA for Income and NA for DTI but wanted to make sure. Thoughts?
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