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#2258673 - 08/25/21 04:16 PM shopping center in flood zone
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Looking to refinance a shopping center with 19 different stores under one roof. The property address is identified as 5000 -5100 State Hwy 165 and of course is located in a SFHA.

Would this be considered as one structure or 19 different structures for flood insurance. Would we have one structure that FEMA would insure up to $ 500,000.00 or 19 different structures that FEMA would insurer up to $500,000.00

The property appraises for a little over $ 8,000.000.00

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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Flood Compliance
#2258680 - 08/25/21 04:51 PM Re: shopping center in flood zone parr04
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You can only answer that question by figuring our how many buildings there are as defined by the NFIP, Do you have one building with 19 stores or 19 buildings or some other combination.
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