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#2259157 - 09/02/21 03:45 PM Itemization of Service fee
Dodge Offline
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We charge a monthly service charge fee of $8.00 on an account. The fee can be reduced by $5.00 if they sign up for estatements.

On a customer's statement and the transaction history on their online/mobile banking it list a $8.00 service charge and it list $5.00 paper fee and $3.00 maintenance fee. Customers initially believes they were charged $16, but they only charged $8.00. It's very misleading, but was told it had to be disclosed that way due to Regulation E. I cannot find anything that supports that statement.

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#2259159 - 09/02/21 04:14 PM Re: Itemization of Service fee Dodge
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If the "Maintenance Fee" is $8 or the "Maintenance Fee" can be reduced to $3 if I sign up for e-statements, explain to me what the heck a $5 paper fee might be? I agree - this is not how you described it and is confusing. I surely hope that you address a $5 paper fee in your TISA disclosures or you need to give all of those back.
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