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#2261448 - 10/22/21 03:20 PM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. MidwestCFE
raitchjay Online
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Yes, i'm not a fan of the "yep" that follows "thank you".
I'm fixin' to fix that.

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#2261449 - 10/22/21 03:23 PM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. MidwestCFE
RebekahL CRCM Online
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RebekahL CRCM
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Big Sky Country
Originally Posted by PatsGIRL74
I hate the saying I love you to the moon and back.

Really? I associate it with this very sweet tender kid's book: Guess How Much I Love You, to ultimately describe to a child how much a parent loves him. My kids liked the story a lot, but I thought that description still conveyed a limit, so I started telling them "I love you to the end of a circle". smile
Me, Type A? Maybe - I'm not done analyzing it yet.

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#2261489 - 10/22/21 08:21 PM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. MidwestCFE
HappyGilmore Offline
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
the new business saying of "pivot."

in haughty voice - "yes, Bill, we will pivot from scenario A to scenario B for all future pork belly sales..."
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#2261514 - 10/25/21 05:39 AM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. Rocky P
GuitarDude Offline
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Originally Posted by Rocky P
Instead of asking to repeat something, “say what?” Or the more common “yep”

For me, instead of asking to repeat something, saying "what happened?" My gut reaction is to respond "What happened is I said something to you but you were staring at your phone. As usual." wink
I've just writed a wrong.

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#2261829 - 10/29/21 03:12 PM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. MidwestCFE
PATSGirl74 Offline
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I find it astonishing that people are OBSESSED with everything now. Cracks me up and annoys me at the same time

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#2263482 - 12/10/21 08:40 PM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. PATSGirl74
MyKidsMom Offline
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me too!

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#2263515 - 12/13/21 01:12 PM Re: "New" Phrases that make you crazy.. MidwestCFE
SteveDave Offline
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There are a lot of words I will never (or likely never) use from new generations as well as the ones before me. I try to stay fresh but really my world exists around what I learned when it was the present some years ago. I love watching and listening to all the new lingo but I stay out of it. Sounds odd coming out of my mouth so I stick to what I know. I love the way language changes and it is interesting to see people deal with it.

I just watch and smile. It makes for a sweet thread to read though. This has been fun!
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