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#2261517 - 10/25/21 01:06 PM Don Narup Remembered
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I was listening to some Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar that Don shared with me back in the early 2000's and thought about him. He was a frequent contributor here. Sure miss Don. Here is a link to a nice memorial page for him. Don was a Marine. Don died a Marine. Semper Fi, Don! https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/33066037/donald-ray-narup
Only two things that money can't buy, that's true love & homegrown tomatoes

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#2261521 - 10/25/21 01:52 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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Miss Don. I saved this post from him:

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Re: This is for all of us who "aren't feeling it" [Re: corkygirl]

#785299 - 07/29/07 01:06 PM


Like most of you I did not enjoy every assignment in my 30 year banking career. It was boring, corporate politics was nuts. Stress was 24/7 high degree of intensity. When I had enough I set about starting my own bank which I knew nothing about how to do. My peers were very critical, but when we were successful, they were the first in line asking for jobs, because they were miserable in the ones they had and were waiting to be rescued.

If you are not happy, it’s time to go as you are not doing yourself, your family or your employer any good. Trust me- I know life is too short to keep yourself mentally exhausted for years on end.

Nothing will change unless you take the steps to make a change happen. No one is going to come and save you. If you have an idea or an interest - pursue it. You don't need a lot of capital. Work on it at home part time. There are people at home just like you looking for something to do. Find someone else that may have the same interest and have the expertise you may need. Work out a deal to pay based on a share of any revenue that may be generated by your idea.

It won't happen if you don't start. No one is coming to hand you job satisfaction or happiness. Just get started. Make the first phone call. Buy a piece of equipment & make a mental commitment to start. It may take a year maybe more just start.

I have just started an internet radio station

http://www.50thstateradio.com (click Here to listen) register and download the player it’s all free. Right now from 6Pm to 9PM I'm on live at 20 after and 10 minutes to the hour with the original beach boy Uncle Paul Natto. I'm Hoale Jack.

On August 13th we will kick off a host of live shows by DJ's, Authors, Entertainers, and just plain fun individuals. Of course we will be streaming an eclectic mix of Hawaiian music as well.

I got the personalities to participate because I called them and asked. Amazing what you can receive if you ask.

I am producing CD's for a fantastic Hawaiian artist named Gary Haleamau. http://www.garyhaleamau.com . The first release will be in distributors’ hands in about three weeks. From the experts that have heard it we are told it will sell well.

I am able to do these things because I sat down and started. The more I investigated how to do something I met people who had the same interest and we teamed up to get it done. I knew nothing about these things, had any formal training or took a class. They were dreams and I learned how.

You never know where your dream will take you unless you try.

Most of you know I have an incurable cancer. The last thing I am going to do is lay in a bed with my last thoughts being of I wonder what would have happened if, or I wish I had done, or we Should have done.

I don't plan on going away soon because I still have too many things to do. The cancer is only an event that takes some time away from the things I want to do. It doesn't stop dreams.

Gary Haleamau has been invited by the Smithsonian Institute to represent Hawaiian music by preforming in May next year at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. His new CD is eligible and has a great chance of winning a Hoku (Hawaiian Grammy) award in Hawaii. I'll be at both these events.

You can have your dreams if you stop wishing and go do. What appear to be insurmountable obstacles will occur. Just set your mind to overcome them. The only difference between me and you is - I Started.
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

- Frederick Douglass

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#2261523 - 10/25/21 01:56 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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Thanks for posting that Walden - and for saving it. I remember Don well and fondly.
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#2261527 - 10/25/21 03:03 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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He must have been before my time, but i enjoyed reading that.....sounds like a neat guy.
I'm fixin' to fix that.

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#2261533 - 10/25/21 03:45 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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Thanks, Walden.
Only two things that money can't buy, that's true love & homegrown tomatoes

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#2261534 - 10/25/21 04:00 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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So many people pass through our lives, in person and electronically; thanks for jarring my memory.

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#2261535 - 10/25/21 04:06 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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Thanks so much Walden. That was one of Don's longer ones.
I remember him for his getting quickly to the point. .
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#2261745 - 10/28/21 12:36 PM Re: Don Narup Remembered The OG Zaibatsu
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Man, those were the days in the old BOL. I miss Don, and I miss the old BOL too.
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