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#2261784 - 10/28/21 07:05 PM HMDA scenario - withdrawn or denied
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This is not an application for a preapproval....

An applicant is approved pending receipt of bank statements to verify assets and they call to say they are moving and will not be providing the statements. They didn't specifically say "I am withdrawing", so in an audit there would be no source document to verify the applicant expressly withdrew. A NOIA was not sent. Would this be a denial or a withdrawal?

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#2261819 - 10/29/21 12:41 PM Re: HMDA scenario - withdrawn or denied Compliance Nut
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Closed for incompleteness if you sent them the proper notice or denied for an incomplete application.

I would not call the confirmation of assets a customary commitment or closing condition. It is an underwriting condition.
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#2261821 - 10/29/21 01:08 PM Re: HMDA scenario - withdrawn or denied Compliance Nut
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Since you state the notice of incompleteness was not provided, and the applicants did not expressly withdraw the request, then I agree with Randy that it would be a denial for an incomplete application.
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#2261882 - 11/01/21 01:51 PM Re: HMDA scenario - withdrawn or denied Compliance Nut
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I guess it depends how in depth you want to go with what precise terminology an applicant needs to use to withdraw. It basically sounds like they are no longer interested. I could justify calling this a withdrawal, but, otherwise, I agree it's a denial for incompleteness. Do they really need to exactly use the specific word "withdraw?" If a Bank calls an applicant that they haven't heard from in a couple months and the person says, "I got a loan somewhere else" and then hangs up, is that not a withdrawal?

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