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#2262538 - 11/16/21 01:38 PM Wire Transfer Fraud
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What is the internal risk to Banks who setup NEW employees with access to creating outgoing wire transfers and they not been trained and the bank requires 2-authorized signatures for an outgoing wire transfer to be initiated.

I see the risk in the NEW employee may be able to forge the second persons signature on the outgoing form.

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#2262546 - 11/16/21 04:22 PM Re: Wire Transfer Fraud 52OPS
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Why would the risk of forging a signature be limited to new employees? Based on my experience as an auditor, the second signature gets rubber stamped a lot.

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#2262547 - 11/16/21 04:22 PM Re: Wire Transfer Fraud 52OPS
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
All wires should require 2 people to release from your wire system, and i don't mean a signature on a form, i mean 1 person creates the wire and a 2nd person validates/verifies and releases it. if you only require 1 person to create and release a wire, that is where your risk is. it is not in a new person being given access, any employee could do it.

if your internal procedure requires 2 signatures, how are you validating the signatures? callback to associate that supposedly signed? callback done by someone other than person inputting wire? recorded phone line? signatures on file to validate against?

no employee should be allowed access to your wire system until training is completed. Period, end of story.
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