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#2264302 - 01/05/22 03:01 PM Force place?
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Existing customer that has two mini storages in a flood zone. Previous insurance company would not renewed his flood policy for the mini storages. Customer got a new flood policy. On the previous policy, which was a private flood insurance, clearly stated it covered before mini storages.

This new policy which is through the NFIP does not state it covers both buildings. I have an email from the insurance agent stating that the policy covers both storage buildings. Nothing on policy indicates that both units are covered.

The agent has stopped responding to my emails when I ask for more clarification.

I'm not sure if we need to force place on the other unit or go by the email from the agent stating both storage buildings are covered. I don't see this customer going to another company because they had a hard time getting the policies they had/have.

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Flood Compliance
#2264305 - 01/05/22 03:22 PM Re: Force place? Dodge
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Refer to Page 2.7 in the flood manual - two buildings = two policies.

Note: If writing multiple policies for multiple buildings at the same location, the insurer must maintain detailed information describing the ownership and insurable interest that pertains to each policy. Insurers can submit requests to FEMA seeking single building determinations for complex structures with multiple building owners or mixed ownership types.

Where there are multiple separate buildings located at a single address (for example a single-family residence and a guest house on the same property) and the property owners want to insure both buildings, the insurer should write two separate policies and use the property description field on each Application Form to distinguish the buildings.

Where there are multiple buildings on the same property connected by means of rigid exterior walls, solid load-bearing interior walls, stairways, an elevated walkway, or roof, the insurer may write a policy covering them as a single building or multiple policies covering them as separate buildings.:
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