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#2267945 - 03/21/22 02:37 PM Business-Firearms Sales and EDD
Curious in Kansas Offline
Joined: Oct 2015
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We have opened a business account for a customer who sells firearms. What would be appropriate EDD for a firearms sales customer?

I'd put them on the High Risk Customer List at least.

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#2267952 - 03/21/22 03:55 PM Re: Business-Firearms Sales and EDD Curious in Kansas
SteveDave Offline
Joined: Aug 2021
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How do they conduct the sale of the firearms and what state they make sales in will make a difference.

For one customer I have had they sold firearms at conventions and in private sales. We made them high risk and conducted EDD as such. They made sales in multiple states and with private sales it was concerning just from the perspective of understanding their business.

With another customer that is set up more like a chain store like Sportsmans Warehouse we did not feel the need to make them high risk after reviewing how they sell and what format the sales are in.

I am sure others have great insight to add but that is my small addition.

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#2267953 - 03/21/22 03:55 PM Re: Business-Firearms Sales and EDD Curious in Kansas
Local_Banker Offline
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If they sell firearms I would ensure they have the proper federal and state licenses in place. Beyond that, aside from possibly being cash intensive or having import/export activity I am not sure I would default the customer to the high risk list. Are they a really large operation?

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