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#2268826 - 04/07/22 09:36 PM Zelle
DBouton Offline
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We offer Zelle through our core processor FIS. A Zelle user is blocked by FIS once fraud or scam is reported. They stay blocked until we change it. Anyone else that offers Zelle system works like this and if so what factors do you consider before giving Zelle back to them?


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#2268891 - 04/11/22 02:35 PM Re: Zelle DBouton
TaraSue Offline
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We are an FIS bank as well. We have had this situation a few times, and when a customer calls to report this we discuss why Zelle was blocked, take the entire situation into account (how long has the customer been with us, what was the fraud type, etc.) and make a decision based on that discussion. We will generally release it pretty quickly.

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#2268934 - 04/11/22 09:01 PM Re: Zelle DBouton
John Burnett Offline
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John Burnett
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Would you permanently block Zelle access if your customer continued to have problems, Never2old?
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#2268938 - 04/11/22 09:51 PM Re: Zelle DBouton
TaraSue Offline
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We haven't had to head down that path yet but we would consider it (as an example, if a customer had been scammed into purchasing multiple puppies via PayPal, the risk of them conducting similar transactions via Zelle would be, I believe, relatively high.)

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#2273260 - 07/22/22 01:34 PM Re: Zelle DBouton
CalifDreamin Offline
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What we found out this week, too, is that if we unblock them and activity happens again that Zelle says is fraud, we are fined $2500. Leaves me inclined to not unblock our customer regardless.
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#2276883 - 10/20/22 07:56 PM Re: Zelle DBouton
Carly Girl Offline
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we recently found out about the $2500 fine as well. The customer was blocked because the email was reported as fraudulent by someone who claimed they got scammed but it was a matter of not receiving their funds back. We made the customer use a different email. We were instructed by Zelle for the customer to register a new email. After the registration of the new one, we could block the old one and the customer could continue to use their Zelle account.

All other holds/blocks are given a strict review before we release the account.

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