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#2268895 - 04/11/22 03:36 PM Post Closing Audit and Cures
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While reviewing the Final Closing Disclosure post closing, an item raised a question. I searched forums and could not an answer so here is my question.

The closing docs are all dates 3/17 and the loan was actually signed 3/18 and disbursed one day later on 3/23. This obviously impacts the prepaid interest, in this case by $72. I believe we need a post closing revised CD and refund the borrower $72.

As a side note, the Right to Cancel was edited to reflect the correct dates and initialed by the borrower.

Anyone confirm my thought process? Thanks in advance.
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TRID - TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule
#2268897 - 04/11/22 03:43 PM Re: Post Closing Audit and Cures OldSchoolBanker
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Your CD could be dated three business day before closing - so I am not sure how that is a problem. There is no requirement to issue another one at closing. If the only thing that changed is the per diem interest, it does not require a post -closing CD.

See 19(f)(2)(iii) Changes due to events occurring after consummation.- Comment 2
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