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#2269428 - 04/20/22 08:56 PM UDAAP risk assessmentt
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Is anyone willing to share a UDAAP risk assessment template? We purchased the policy and it makes reference to the risk assessment but it didn't come with a template.

Thank You

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#2269471 - 04/21/22 05:26 PM Re: UDAAP risk assessmentt banker-12
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We don't have a stand along UDAAP Risk Assessment. We consider UDAAP as a risk factor across the appropriate products and services we offer, when we conduct our ERM analysis.
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#2269479 - 04/21/22 06:35 PM Re: UDAAP risk assessmentt banker-12
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This is the template provided by the CFPB. Also the one we use.
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#2270898 - 05/25/22 07:59 PM Re: UDAAP risk assessmentt burkemi
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I see this is from 10/2012. I wonder if the CFPB will be updating this in light of their revised UDAAP exam procedures.
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#2271335 - 06/08/22 11:49 AM Re: UDAAP risk assessmentt banker-12
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Check out CBanc if you haven't already. Free to registered bankers. Lots of tools folks have shared on that site.

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