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#2269544 - 04/22/22 06:11 PM Property Taxes - Mobile Home Financing
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In Texas when a Mobile Home is purchased and surrendered to the land as real property, the TDHCA requires the title company or lender to pay the taxes for the FOLLOWING year up front. The lender or title company then forwards these fund to the TDHCA in order to complete the process of ownership transfer and securing as real property.

How do you disclose this on the LE and CD? It is not a prepaid, not really a service. Would it go in section H? Should it be disclose on the LE? I am lost. PLEASE HELP!! tired

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#2269573 - 04/23/22 01:09 PM Re: Property Taxes - Mobile Home Financing jmancha
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OK - I am in Texas and I am not sure what you are talking about. If a borrower wants to surrender title and permanently affix the manufactured home to become part of the real property, they have to file a statement of ownership and that would be $55. That is a government fee and would included in Section E - Line 1. I have also see this fee in Section H, if this decision was not required by the lender and is a totally voluntary action by the borrower and they wish to pay for it through closing. I have never heard of anything that triggers paying property taxes a year ahead prior to the property tax bills being sent around October. You do have to prove that any personal property taxes on the manufactured home due as of last January 1st be paid in full.
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