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#2270503 - 05/16/22 09:37 PM Reg E - Late Claim Bank Liability
Shannon R Offline
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A client is disputing cell phone carrier charges from 10/4/2021-5/4/2022. The client states on 10/7/2021 she went in and cancelled her service. Bank liability for visa / reg e is the first statement with the transaction and 60 days after that statement cycle. Looking at the terms and conditions of the merchant, cancellations are future dated and will go into effect at the end of the billing cycle. So the 10/4/2021 charge was correct since she cancelled AFTER this date. Would I still use the 10/4/2021 date to look for bank liability still or since this one wouldn't be able to be refunded based on their cancellation policy would I start with the next charge on the dispute 11/4/21 and go out 60 days from that statement?

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#2270520 - 05/17/22 01:51 PM Re: Reg E - Late Claim Bank Liability Shannon R
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The first error was 11/4/21 since the 10/4/21 charge was correct, so your liability and timely notice calculations are based on 11/4/21.
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