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#2276728 - 10/17/22 06:26 PM Burnt orange is the new black
HappyGilmore Offline
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Pulling people out of the ditc...
At least for this week as Tennessee knocked of perennial powerhouse Alabama in a game devoid of defense...the Top 25 ranking world has been thrown on its...ahem...tailside...this year with the number of upset victories so far
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#2276729 - 10/17/22 06:58 PM Re: Burnt orange is the new black HappyGilmore
RebekahL CRCM Offline
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RebekahL CRCM
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Big Sky Country
Oh whew. For a moment I was wondering why a post alluding to Reg Z criminal liability was mucking up the Watercooler. wink grin
Me, Type A? Maybe - I'm not done analyzing it yet.

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#2276731 - 10/17/22 07:20 PM Re: Burnt orange is the new black HappyGilmore
raitchjay Online
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Is Tennessee "burnt" orange? They just look orange.
I'm fixin' to fix that.

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#2276740 - 10/18/22 12:11 AM Re: Burnt orange is the new black raitchjay
InFairness, CRCM Offline
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InFairness, CRCM
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No Texas is burnt orange. Tennessee is just orange. Or as Sandra Bullock put it in "The Blind Side," "that gaudy orange."
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