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#2276860 - 10/20/22 03:04 PM Discharged vs. Medical Leave
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We have a servicemember who is past due on his auto loan. The lender found out that he is no longer actively serving. He indicated that he was injured and on medical leave. for a period up to six months. The lender would like to repossess the vehicle, but is he still entitled to proctections?

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#2276864 - 10/20/22 04:05 PM Re: Discharged vs. Medical Leave Believing...
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Being on medical leave I do not believe impacts duty status.
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#2278543 - 12/07/22 04:18 PM Re: Discharged vs. Medical Leave Believing...
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Medical leave is still active duty and protections would apply. Being medically retired would be a different issue. But oh, the reputation risk. I would proceed cautiously when you repo from a disable veteran who was discharged because they were injured serving their country. Lots of media attention getting bites there. Be sure of what is done.
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