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#2279735 - 01/12/23 12:36 AM Reg E - Unknown which transactions to dispute
Shannon R Offline
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We have a client that just opened an account November 7 and submitted a Reg E unauthorized dispute on January 7. The transactions are all local chip read transactions and two of them were online transactions. I reached out to one of the online merchants and confirmed it was our client. The client states she has been out of town for 2 months but all transactions since the account opened was in Washington State. She has since stated she gave her fiancé her card information and he added it to his apple pay. When checking in with the client after the dispute was started and going over account history, the client has now stated she has no idea which transactions are authorized, and which are unauthorized now.

1. Do you know if someone uses apple pay would it read as chip read? Visa dispute is showing it was chip read / chip terminal but our core system shows it was keyed which is odd. 2) Since the client is no longer sure if the transaction were authorized or not, would this be considered a withdraw since she is stating they "may have been" authorized?

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Operations Compliance
#2279764 - 01/12/23 05:36 PM Re: Reg E - Unknown which transactions to dispute Shannon R
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Our Apple Pay transactions show as "Contactless Chip" or "Contactless Magstripe" if they are card-present transactions.

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