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#2281281 - 02/17/23 09:48 PM Manufactured Home
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We have a loan where the HUD plate/label was never found. The dwelling is clearly a mobile home and is on the older side. On a different loan, we also have a home that it part site built (attached garages) and part mobile home with no documentation of the HUD plate/label.

Without knowing the year made or HUD information, what are your thoughts on reporting these as a Manufactured Home?

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#2281285 - 02/17/23 10:33 PM Re: Manufactured Home jel99
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Page 30 in the GIR -

9 A Manufactured Home is a residential structure that satisfies the definition of “manufactured home” in the U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD’s) regulations, 24 CFR 3280.2, for establishing
manufactured home construction and safety standards. 12 CFR 1003.2(l). A modular home or factory-built home
that does not meet HUD’s regulations is not a Manufactured Home under the HMDA Rule. A Manufactured Home
will generally bear a HUD Certification Label and data plate noting compliance with the Federal standards.
Comment 2(l)-2.

You are going to have to make a business decision to whether you feel these structures qualify as manufactured homes.

For the first one we would question the owner as to the year of the home.

The second one again you need to question the owner for the year of the home. If there is only an attached garage that has been added I most likely would still classify it as a manufactured home.
The opinions expressed are mine and they are not to be taken as legal advice.

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