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#2281884 - 03/06/23 04:38 PM CRA Data Submission - FRB Acknowledgement
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We submitted the CRA data via email last week, and the filing instructions state that we should receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours from submission. We never received it so we re-sent the data, again via email, after the 48 hours had passed. No acknowledgement on the second submission either.

Is anyone else having this problem? We already contacted FRB via email, but no response so far.

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#2281897 - 03/06/23 06:39 PM Re: CRA Data Submission - FRB Acknowledgement COMPL101TX
Lori01 Offline
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We got our response within a few hours of sending it on Tuesday. Either the contact email address you have on the "cover sheet" of your submission is wrong/out dated or your IT department is blocking the email as "spam" for some reason.

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#2281917 - 03/07/23 04:06 PM Re: CRA Data Submission - FRB Acknowledgement COMPL101TX
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Make sure when sending the data that it doesn't go through an encryption software that requires a login to access. We have a special email address for these submissions that doesn't go through our normal encryption when an attachment is present. The FRB isn't going to go through the process of setting up an account to access your data.
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#2282112 - 03/10/23 05:28 PM Re: CRA Data Submission - FRB Acknowledgement COMPL101TX
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We have to send via fax because we do have an email encryption software. We never have received an acknowledgment. Last year, our regulator informed us that we didn't submit. We had to send them our fax confirmation page to proof that we did.

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