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#2281996 - 03/08/23 08:26 PM Business debit card disclosures
danyielg Offline
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We have not had a business BIN for debit cards in the past. We have a few cards that were issued on business accounts, but, just as a consumer card. We followed Reg E rules and covered the cards as such.

We will be offering business cards soon and I'm not sure what all disclosures we need. We are a JH bank and will be flipping to MC. We also will be "re-disclosing" to the business customers who were initially issued a consumer card and given consumer disclosures.

We use Wolters Kluwer forms on JHs Streamline Platform but I'm not seeing anything in their forms either.

Any information or samples would be hugely appreciated. smile

(After just finishing up with the NSF fee fiasco, I wanna cover ALL my bases)

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Operations Compliance
#2282000 - 03/08/23 08:41 PM Re: Business debit card disclosures danyielg
rlcarey Online
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It is easy to get samples - just google business debit card disclosures.

You need to engage competent legal counsel to make sure your agreement and contract protects the bank to the fullest extent possible.
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#2283171 - 04/07/23 05:46 PM Re: Business debit card disclosures danyielg
Megan BBB Offline
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We have Visa and Visa provided us specific disclosures we need to adhere to. Another recommendation is disclosing that Reg E does not cover business debit card transactions, not that verbiage but something to that effect where the business client is more liable. JH Streamline and Wolters Kluwer usually provide most of the verbiage in the EFT form and you can create some custom add ons on the forms as well.

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