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#2292612 - 01/22/24 04:21 PM Sample Reports
Kristi Offline
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Looking for some sample fair lending reports that you use to do self-monitoring. If anyone has some they would be willing to share that would be greatly appreciated!

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Fair Lending
#2292625 - 01/22/24 05:40 PM Re: Sample Reports Kristi
Rocky P Offline
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Kristi, what type of self-monitoring are you considering? It also depends on the complexity of your institution, volume and your geographical footprint (assessment area, and nearby majority-minority tracts - a/k/a REMA).
Some considerations -
What is the composition of your area? tracts and individuals?
Are loans underwritten similarly - are actions taken similar?
Are there differences in interest rates between protected classes and non?
Does your marketing/lending departments reach-out to majority-mminority tracts and individuals?
How do you compare with competitors and peers?
What is the housing composition? High rental vs. owner occupied? -
This can go on like that for several more questions.
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