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#232348 - 08/16/04 07:27 PM Asset size, employee positions, and such

This is probably a strange question but I need a little guidance. We are currentyly a $100 Million bank with 5 locations and 31 employees. For banks that rnage in asset size of $100 Million to $250 Million, what areas, typically, do the Executive positions cover? How many Departments do you have? How may Employees, including Executive Management, do you have? I know a lot is going to depend on location and nature of your business, but I'm looking for generalities.

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#232349 - 08/16/04 08:32 PM Re: Asset size, employee positions, and such
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No matter what the bank size, there are always too many chiefs and not enough indians.
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#232350 - 08/16/04 08:51 PM Re: Asset size, employee positions, and such
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In my experience you would have three executive positions. President/COO, Cashier/CFO and Senior Credit Officer/Executive VP

The Indians outnumber the chiefs almost 8 to 1
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#232351 - 08/16/04 09:06 PM Re: Asset size, employee positions, and such
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Personally I agree with Red, but no one asked me!

We are $100 million with 1 location and 35 employees.

Here's the layout at our shop:
Chairman - over SVP/Cashier/Ops/HR (one person) and VP of Mktg
CEO - over SVP/CSR/Teller Supervisor (one person)
President - Over all of lending

I would be happy to send you our org chart if it would help, just PM me with your email address or fax number.

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#232352 - 08/16/04 09:18 PM Re: Asset size, employee positions, and such
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$165M Assests, 1 location, 26 F/T and 4 P/T employees. Divided into 7 depts. Loans (Two Senior Officers, One Officer, one clerk), Accounting (One Senior Officer, One Manager, two clerks, one P/T), Adminstration (One Senior Officer, one P/T), Compliance (One Senior Officer, shares P/T'r with Administration), Branch (Two Officers, Five Clerks, Maintenace Man,one P/T), Bookkeeping & Item Processing (One Senior Officer, One Manager, two clerks), Human Resources (One Officer). Then there is the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Assistant to Chairman and their secretary (P/T). Of course, at any time, people move around as needed. Compliance helps the branch, IT helps accounting, accounting helps loans. When you work in a small bank, everybody has to pitch in where needed.
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