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#238563 - 08/30/04 07:19 PM Returns for check21

Is it true we will no longer be able to use carrier's for return check even if they contain a "2" on position 44?

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#238564 - 08/30/04 07:29 PM Re: Returns for check21

I have the same question? Any help?

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#238565 - 08/31/04 11:48 AM Re: Returns for check21
Jill W Offline
Jill W
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The Fed originally said they would not accept carriers, but
I think they have reversed themselves. Check their Financial Services website, then under Check 21.

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#238566 - 09/01/04 01:27 PM Re: Returns for check21

Sorry, but I can't find the reference to carriers on the FRB website you referred to. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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#238567 - 09/01/04 02:35 PM Re: Returns for check21
Elwood P. Dowd Offline
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Elwood P. Dowd
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Go to BOL's homepage, scroll down to "Special Sections" and click "Check 21." You will find just about everything under the sun there. The policy change on carriers is linked in the side bar labeled "External Links."

One stop shopping for Check 21.
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#238568 - 09/01/04 02:51 PM Re: Returns for check21
HR Banker Offline
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The only policy I find is that they will not accept carriers. Am I missing something?

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#238569 - 09/01/04 02:58 PM Re: Returns for check21
Neytiri Offline
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They will accept carriers, but they must be sorted into separate cash letters, such as "raw" return letters. And of course you will be charged more.

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