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#24059 - 07/17/02 02:02 PM ITF vs POD
complyguy Offline
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Could someone direct me to the state statutes where I might research any possible consequences of titling an account POD instead of ITF? If you've had direct experience with this, I would appreciate your relating that, as well. Thanks!

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#24060 - 07/17/02 03:05 PM Re: ITF vs POD
PABanker Offline
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Blue Ball, PA 17506

In reading my resource from Professional Bank Services, POD account type is not recommended for PA. The POD is not recognized as PA statutory,whereas ITF is recognized. I hope this helps. I highly recommend the above stated vendor for their seminar on "PA Deposit Docmentation".

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#24061 - 08/08/02 01:11 PM Re: ITF vs POD
William Offline
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Not just PA, but other states also. The ITF is being 'chosen' to replace POD. We operate in several states and have converted our doc/titling to use only ITF.
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