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#25790 - 07/29/02 09:38 PM New TISA disclosure VS Change in Terms Notice
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Changing minimum balance to earn interest on some club accounts. Can we just send a change terms notice (30 days prior to change)? Or do we need to send an entirely new TISA disclosure? Need help ASAP...Meeting tomorrow morning.
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#25791 - 07/29/02 09:44 PM Re: New TISA disclosure VS Change in Terms Notice
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If you send the entire disclosure you need to point out the differences. (Commentary 230.5(a)(1))

Often it is easier to just identify the change on a slip sheet, adding that to your existing inventory and making the complete disclosure change when the stock runs low. This will also depend on how you have your disclosures set up. If what you are changing is one small paper inserted into the rest of the disclosures, you may just adjust that one.
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