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#260024 - 10/21/04 10:32 PM ARM 15 year historical example?
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When the Fed amended Section 226.19(b) of Reg. Z to make the 15 year historical example optional, many banks dropped it in favor of the simpler 'worst case' example. If you're an ARM lender, how do you handle this?
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#260025 - 10/22/04 09:59 AM Re: ARM 15 year historical example?
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Using the simplified worst case example makes the process so much simpler to recalculate annually. The disclosure for a product with discount, premium and fully indexed is a double sided piece of paper that takes all of 15 minutes to recalculate annually.
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#260026 - 10/22/04 03:17 PM Re: ARM 15 year historical example?
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When using the simplified version for an ARM, is it necessary to recalculate the payment example yearly?

I know we have to for the historical example on a HELOC. We have to use the most current rate.

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#260027 - 02/03/05 07:55 PM Re: ARM 15 year historical example?

I am trying to talk my lending group into going with the "worse case" disclosure versus the historical data we now use, which is cumbersome. I however, can't find the reference in 226.19 b that allows this. I know there was an amendment but can't even find in the Federal Register. Can anyone help me??

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#260028 - 02/03/05 08:11 PM Re: ARM 15 year historical example?

Nevermind, I found what I was looking for,thanks.

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