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#26025 - 07/30/02 09:40 PM electronic scanning documents

Five years now our bank has scanned loan documents and disclosures for archieval purposes. The "copy" of the note is always scanned and the original is filed away until the maturity and repayment, then the original is cancelled as "paid" and mailed to the borrower. Question, is, I keep asking the operations to scan the original document and not the copy. I feel that the original is a much cleaner document, all signatures are original, all disclosures are clearer.
Do I not have a legitimate argument here? Please provide more information to convence management to become more concerned.

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#26026 - 07/30/02 10:01 PM Re: electronic scanning documents
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I wouldn't be upset so long as the image of the copy is clear and legible. If that is a problem, than it is a problem.

A copy of an exact copy should be as good as copy of an original.
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