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#28022 - 08/15/02 06:55 PM Reg CC

The indorsement standards are specific within the regulation but I cannot locate specifics to the following question: Is it a requirement on the back of the check to place the veribage and drawn line (within the top 1 1/2 inch of the check) "Do not sign/write/stamp below this line
*Federal Reserve Board of Governors Reg CC". Where would I find this requirement. Our marketing dept. does not want to include this on the back of checks that are being designed/developed for a particular promotion.

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Operations Compliance
#28023 - 08/15/02 07:17 PM Re: Reg CC
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Appendix D to Reg CC contains the endorsement standards required on checks. Also Federal Reserve Board Special Notice. Federal Reserve Bank of New York Circular No. 10246, July 1, 1988. contains more detailed information from the dark past when Reg CC was implemented. Hope this helps.
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