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#28243 - 08/16/02 09:13 PM Standard format for Tickmarks
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Does anyone have a standard format for using tickmarks in their audits that they would be willing to share? I have been reviewing some of our past audits and a tickmark may mean one thing in one audit and another thing in another audit.

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#28244 - 08/20/02 04:18 PM Re: Standard format for Tickmarks
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When I was an audit manager I never had a problem with the fact that tickmarks might be inconsistent from audit to audit. What I didn't want to see was inconsistency within the same audit. We required that one of the initial workpapers in the file be a legend of standard tickmarks and their meaning. Any additional tickmarks used on a particular workpaper had to have a legend on that workpaper explaining the tickmark. Some pretty basic ones you probably don't want to deviate from - for example a check mark means everything is OK and an X means there is a problem. Although you could reverse those by use of a proper legend, to do so would be very confusing for anyone reviewing the file, so would probably not be recommended.
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#28245 - 08/21/02 04:03 PM Re: Standard format for Tickmarks
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Here's a few tic marks:
T = traced to ___ (fill in the blank)
V = violation of law
A = agrees with ___ (fill in the blank - example: agrees with audit calculation)
check mark = in compliance OR no error
X = error (you should specify error type)
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#28246 - 08/27/02 12:43 PM Re: Standard format for Tickmarks
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I also use a color coding system:
Black = facts
Red = violation
Green = questions to ask
Blue = responses

If you couldn't figure this out, this comes from the days of the 4 color Bic pen.
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