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#284106 - 12/03/04 05:26 PM Password Protection
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I want to thank George Milner for his article on password protection. My understanding is that most of our passwords are way too simple and someone with knowledge could crack most of them within a short period of time. I saw a website once that generated complex passwords (which are a necessity for financial accounts). The website would also tell you how long it would take to crack any password you made up and then would create a password for you and tell you how many years it would take to crack the password they created. Of course, no one short of Rainman could possibly remember the password they generated.

I also had freeware once that kept your passwords, but I was concerned about its security because it was housed on my computer and was protected by...yes...a password. Plus, how do I know that this Braun guy did not include spyware in his software that would report my passwords back to him? Keeping my passwords on my computer just sort of weired me out. Of course, you could easily keep a password on your computer if you placed one symbol from your password in a different file scattered throughout your computer and then kept a map to those letters, numbers, and symbols that allowed you to piece it back together if ever forgotten. Better yet, just call you mom or someone who lives far away and tell her your passwords. Ask her to type it into a Word document that is named after your dog. Then, if you ever forget your passwords, you can call that person and they can give you all your passwords. If anyone finds the passwords on their computer, they will do them absolutely no good whatsoever. Of course, there are many passwords that I have that I do not care if anyone figures out. Those I just enter into a Word document clearly marked as passwords.

What do you think about this?

Password Keeper

What about this?

Masking Password Generator
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#284107 - 12/03/04 11:35 PM Re: Password Protection
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This article is the one you mean. It was authored by George Milner. I did the little video. The two are separate, but related. But we are all glad you found the info handy. We hope bankers will take it to heart and pass on security tips to their customers.
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