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#28585 - 08/20/02 10:01 PM employment denial
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If we pull credit on individuals that have filled out an employment application and their credit does not allow them to be considered for a position in the bank, what does the denial need to contain? Would the "other" box be checked and "employment" indicated? Would the N/A box be marked for outside source? I believe this is the information I have received in the past and want to know if this is right.
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#28586 - 08/20/02 10:36 PM Re: employment denial
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Kari -

First, I hope you gave the prospective employee a separate notice before you pulled the credit report.

Next, you must give the employee a copy of the report before giving them the adverse action notice. FTC says five days is reasonable and gives the applicant time to review the report and discuss (challenge or clarify) the info with the bank.

Then you give the notice. The language is prescibed by FCRA/FTC - I don't have a link handy and Andy would.
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#28587 - 08/21/02 02:36 PM Re: employment denial
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Seem like if we specify to the CRA that the request is for employment purposes, they supply some of the required disclosures.
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