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#29685 - 08/27/02 05:50 PM Subpoena and Certificate of Compliance
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Do all subpoenas served on a financial institution for information about a customer/transaction need to be accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance to protect the financial institution required to provide the information or are there any safe harbors? I searched the other posts and couldn't find an answer for my question. I could really use some help on this one.

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#29686 - 08/27/02 06:15 PM Re: Subpoena and Certificate of Compliance
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We all thought there were safe harbors (i.e. the subpoena didn't fall under the RFPA) until the 9th Circuit Court ruled against a bank in Hawaii recently for complying with an Army subpoena when the Army didn't follow all their own rules. BOL and others are now recommending we obtain the certificate of compliance on all legal processes to cover us.
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#29687 - 08/27/02 06:27 PM Re: Subpoena and Certificate of Compliance
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Interesting, I was not aware of the 9th Circut Court decision. Do you have info on this. I guess we had better step up to the plate on this one.
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#29688 - 08/27/02 06:27 PM Re: Subpoena and Certificate of Compliance
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THE certificate posted recently only applies to federal subpoenas. A state (CA for example) may have a state version of the Act that would require a similar certificate for state subpoenas. Civil are not covered.
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