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#317836 - 02/17/05 03:08 PM that darn cat

I have a tom cat, Max, that has been bringing me a bird or two everyday. Does anyone have any idea on how to stop the carnage. We have put a bell on him but that has not slowed down the slaughter! Making him an inside cat is not an option. I am starting to get calls from the neighbors too!


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#317837 - 02/17/05 03:13 PM Re: that darn cat
Skittles Offline
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Don't know if this would help, but has Max been fixed? Sorry I can't be of much help. I have two cats, but they are house cats. They still sit at the windows and cluck at birds that are outside.
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#317838 - 02/17/05 03:14 PM Re: that darn cat
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We got him at the pound a few years ago and had him fixed when we got him.

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#317839 - 02/17/05 03:14 PM Re: that darn cat
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a bigger bell??
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#317840 - 02/17/05 03:15 PM Re: that darn cat
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To me, that indicates that the bird population actually needed thinning - most birds are fast enough to get away from a cat, or are smart enough to stay out of reach.

Do you know WHERE Max is catching them? IE, is he tree or fence climbing, or just in the yard?

I'd suggest a bigger bell or jingling tags, evidently the current bell isn't sufficient warning. Additionally, if he's catching them, say, near a feeder or birdbath, I'd remove the lure (or warn your neighbors who complain that they're contributing to the problem, if it's their feeder/birdbath.) If he's tree or fence climbing, I'd try trimming down his front claws to reduce upward speed.

Evidently Max thinks you need to be fattened up, if he's bringing you trophies.
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#317841 - 02/17/05 05:47 PM Re: that darn cat
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Our cat went on a killing spree of his own last summer, birds, chipmunks, moles, baby rabbits....everything, and he is on a 10-12 foot leash when he is out. This drove my wife crazy, so she went out and bought this long narrow cage-like net contraption to put him in when he is outside. She got it at a pet store, and I think it was called a Cat Walk. The cat didn't like it of course, but it slowed down his murderous way.

I did go out one evening and find him pinning a baby bunny under the netting, but I didn't tell the wife about that one.

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#317842 - 02/17/05 09:47 PM Re: that darn cat
HRH Dawnie Offline
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LOL Puddy...while that's sick, it's danged funny to picture

The bell only works if your cat is stupid enough to move while chasing birds. If it's anything like my cat, she freezes, luring them in with her evil eyes, then jumps three feet up in the sky and snatches the stupid bird. Ya gotta think...it was probably asking for it.

If the kitty isn't taking them to the neighbors for trophy shows, what the heck is their problem?

My neighbor kitty is quite a hunter, but does not chase birds for some reason (probably too fat to jump). I took this into consideration when I put up bird baths, and feeders for my kitty's to enjoy through their window prison. It's funny, but the neighbor cat will lay under the feeders and the bath, watching the birds, but won't attack them. My cats on the otherhand are FREAKING OUT inside the window which I really enjoy watching. If your neighbors are like me, and enjoy feeders, tell them to put them on higher mounts or even offer to pay for the new mounts to keep the peace. It's not expensive, and it will save the stupid birds life to be eating at lest five feet up in the air verses at death level (or your cats jumping level)
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#317843 - 02/17/05 10:07 PM Re: that darn cat
RR Sarah Offline
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RR Sarah
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I have a big picture window in my living room and one in my dining room so, to a dumb bird, it looks like they can fly through the house. Well, they try to...a lot. The neighbor's cat hangs out on our front porch and as soon as the stupid bird knocks himself out, the cat has a snack!
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#317844 - 02/17/05 11:22 PM Re: that darn cat
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Sorry Anon, but your kitty is just doing what comes naturally. Actually, you should be honored that he is bestowing his prize catches as gifts to you. He is showing you what a good hunter he is, that he is earning his keep.

If you have a bird feeder, I would take it down. No need to lure the poor things to a dangerous area.

I heard that neuturing only worked in stopping cats from roaming and fighting amoung themselves. I don't know what can stop a cat from hunting.
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#317845 - 02/17/05 11:28 PM Re: that darn cat
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Be glad they are dead when your cat presents them to you, when we were first married one of our cats presented a mouse to my husband, on his chest while he was still in bed and - - - you guessed it, the mouse was not dead!!!! Sorry to say that I laughed out loud at him for a long time
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#317846 - 02/18/05 03:44 AM Re: that darn cat
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Kathleen O. Blanchard
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I had a cat who would kidnap live baby bunnies and bring them home unharmed and present them to us. We always wondered if she wanted kittens (she had had some kittens early on).

I don't think you can stop an outside cat from hunting. It is instinct. Do you have a porch you can screen in and keep the cat there?

Mine are indoor cats and go crazy when they hear birds outside!
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