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#33721 - 09/20/02 02:24 PM Last time the FDIC, this time the OCC
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Today's message:
"To all recipients of OCC-News:

Many of you have already noticed that a piece of "spam," advertising "exclusive mortgage leads," was sent out on our e-mail list today. OCC-News is constructed as an "announce-only" list, which means that only a small number of OCC employees are authorized to post messages. We use the list
exclusively for official OCC business -- press releases, bulletins, alerts and other types of issuances -- and do not allow third parties to post mail to the list. We are trying to find out how this e-mail got onto the list so
we can take steps to assure that it doesn't happen again.

Meanwhile, my apologies to those of you who received that e-mail.

Bob Garsson
Director for Press Relations
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency"

Something tells me, we'll be given every opportunity to learn from their mistakes!
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#33722 - 09/20/02 04:02 PM Re: Last time the FDIC, this time the OCC
Didi Offline
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Next time they tell a bank - you do not have proper procedures, I hope that OCC have empathy with the bank. sometime things happen

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