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#339754 - 03/29/05 04:28 PM Exempt Yourself??

I've been asked why we do not list ourselves (a bank) on our own exempt list to cover the times we send cash from one of our branches to another of our branches via armored car.

I don't think this is reportable or exemptible--does anyone disagree? Any supporting citations?

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#339755 - 03/29/05 04:32 PM Re: Exempt Yourself??
Elwood P. Dowd Offline
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Elwood P. Dowd
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No disagreement. There's no CTR because there was no deposit, withdrawal, exchange or other payment or transfer - your bank had the money the entire time, you just put it in a different pocket.
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#339756 - 03/29/05 04:33 PM Re: Exempt Yourself??
John Burnett Offline
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John Burnett
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Intra-bank movements of cash are not reportable events. You have neither given cash to, nor received cash from, another person.
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#339757 - 03/29/05 06:42 PM Re: Exempt Yourself??
TomS Offline
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Whoever asked that question in the first place has too much time on their hands.

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#339758 - 03/30/05 05:23 PM Re: Exempt Yourself??

Another quick question...if the bank acts as a trust agent, should we exempt those transactions?

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