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#341418 - 03/31/05 07:46 PM SAR?
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Should we complete a SAR regarding this scenerio?

We have a customer call and advise someone identifing themselves as a Bank Employee and advising that the customer had won a vacation from the bank and they requested account information for verification.
This customer was suspicious and gave no information.

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#341419 - 03/31/05 10:49 PM Re: SAR?
GuitarDude Offline
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IMO, without a named suspect and dollar amount, I don't think a SAR is required, nor would a SAR really provide law enforcement any real info to investigate.
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#341420 - 04/01/05 03:07 PM Re: SAR?
Greg Offline
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We've had a number of these type calls. The more common one tells the customer that their account information is being sold on the internet but for XX $ the bank will place an internet fraud blocker on their account. A number of the callers have used my full name and title.

We have not filed SAR's for the very reasons cited by GuitarDude.
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