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#34633 - 09/25/02 09:40 PM HMDA question
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When collecting the loan amount for HMDA purposes, do you collect the loan amount with the credit life/disability in it or do you exclude that amount?

There has been a debate over that within our organization and I would like other opinions. Thanks for all opinions.
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#34634 - 09/25/02 09:51 PM Re: HMDA question
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Appendix A 8 on page A-10 of HMDA Reporting GIR will help clarify this for you.

We report the total loan amount.
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#34635 - 09/25/02 09:52 PM Re: HMDA question
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Appendix A (page A-10) of HMDA Reporting Getting it Right, addresses what to report as the loan amount, depending on if it is a purchase, home improvement, etc. For purchase loans that you originate, it is the principal amount of the loan. For home improvement, it says you may include unpaid finance charges in the the loan amount, if that is how you record such loans on your books. Hope this helps!
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