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#34661 - 09/26/02 11:44 AM Law: Shredding Docs w/ Customer Information
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Apparently Georgia has passed a law requiring shredding of documents with sensitive customer information. Does anyone know more about this law and if any other states have similar laws? This is being posted in this section of the forum because of a low view rate in the state law section. Thanks. (See blurb below on the Georgia law.)
This is an excerpt from a discussion on states that have laws regarding SSN and other sensitive information. Does anyone have more information about this?

"In Georgia, businesses are now required to safely dispose of records that
contain personal identifiers. Business records -- including data stored on
computer hard drives -- must be shredded or, in the case of electronic
records, completely wiped clean where they contain SSNs, driver's license
numbers, dates of birth, medical information, account balances, or credit
limit information."

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#34662 - 09/26/02 02:27 PM Re: Law: Shredding Docs w/ Customer Information
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I know nothing about GA law (CA is more than enough), but the CA equivalent is probably Civil Code 1798.81:

"A business shall take all resonable steps to destroy, or arrange for destruction of a customer's records within its custody or control containing personal information which is no longer to be retained by the business by (1) shredding, (2) erasing, or (3) otherwise modifying the personal information in those records to make it unreadable or undecipherable by any means."
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#34663 - 09/26/02 04:51 PM Re: Law: Shredding Docs w/ Customer Information

"Completely wiped clean" ...

Should we reformat our disk drives once a week or once a month?

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